Corporate Wear

From the largest airlines to the best athletes and top institutions, Paul employs his mastery of creating elegant and professional uniforms and outfits that set a standard for some of the world’s most visible companies.

Besides his leading position in the world of high-end fashion, Paul Costelloe has built up an extensive corporate wear portfolio comprising some of the most well-known companies, service providers and sports teams in the world.

Paul Costelloe approaches corporate design with a bespoke touch ensuring every client is provided with a uniform concept that is tailored to meet their every need and meets the exceptional standards they need to project.

From top executives, to managerial staff, engineering and sales, Paul caters to all levels within the client business to deliver a wardrobe that is uniquely recognisable to their customers and the general public.

For each corporate client, Paul offers exclusive design, undivided attention and involvement at every stage, any support for marketing and promotion activities to ensure the uniform concepts receive the coverage they require.

British Airways

British Airways

In 1992, Paul Costelloe launched his new uniform concept for Britain’s flagship airline, British Airways. Due to its popularity with the staff, it became the longest serving uniform in the airline’s history. The uniform was only officially decommissioned in 2004 but could be found on many BA flights as late as 2008.

“Stylish, comfortable, practical, feminine. We have such a lovely hat – it makes the uniform. Your individual personality still shines through – rather than making us conform, it enhances us. Driving to the airport, people see my hat and smile and wave.”

Orange Arrows F1 Team

Orange Arrows F1 Team

Paul Costelloe was chosen to design the team and promotion uniforms for the Orange Arrows Formula One Team.

Formula One is well known not only as a high-octane motor sport but also for its pursuit of excellence – ranging from the exotic locations to the levels of prestige it garners from the media.

Paul Costelloe was selected because the team wanted uniform that was highly visual, instantly recognisable while reflecting the style and sophistication of the sport.

European Ryder Cup Team

European Ryder Cup Team

From 2006 to 2012, Paul Costelloe was the designer of choice for the Wives and Girlfriends of the European Ryder Cup Team.

The Ryder Cup is one of the most widely followed golf events in the world and consequently the outfits being worn by the golfers’ wives and girlfriends are a major point of interest in the contest between Europe and the USA.

In testament to his hands-on-approach and ensuring the client is given a collection that reflects their vision, Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie stated “she has loved working with Paul Costelloe and his team in producing a range of outfits for the wives and partners to wear and feel comfortable in for the week. A big thank you to one and all.”

Ireland Olympic Team

Ireland Olympic Team

In 2004, Paul was invited by the Olympic Council of Ireland, the highest-level body for Olympic sports in Ireland, to design and develop the formal outfits for the Irish Olympic Team representing at the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.

Paul Costelloe said he was delighted to be involved in designing the team outfits: “Working on this project has been one of my greatest achievements”.

The combination lightweight wool strip jackets with skirts for the women and trousers for the men were showcased during the Opening Ceremony of the Athens Games and were praised for their comfort and stylish cut. The outfits were seen by viewers from all over the world and boosted Ireland’s image on the international stage.

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